Jaja Emiko Riza (jaja_emiko) wrote,
Jaja Emiko Riza

a little bit about myself.... ^_^

Hi! i'm known as jaja...if you don't know my gender by now, then, there must be something wrong with you....i hate backstabbers, dramas, and fakes.. so, if you are one of the mention or all of them (you know who you are!), please stay away from me! i'll be your worst nightmare!! i like music... i love to listen to all kind of music irregardless the language or genre...the music that attracts me in the first place...i'm definitely a japanese freak! =p i love everything about japan! the culture, the fashions, and the food! i will live there one day!! i'd even find me a japanese husband!!! LOL!! =p i love anime, manga and to cosply... <3 rabu rabu <3 i also love love love love love ARASHI!!! they are sooo cute!!! ^_^ i'm always up to have lots of fun!!! i tend to be weird and heartless which make the people that know or don't know me says that i'm weird, heartless and cold... i despise human being except a few that i truly called friends and family... if you want to get to know me, please don't send "hi" or "what up" or anything that carries the same meaning...i will ignore it...make it interesting if u really wanna be friends with me...if i ignore ur comments or messages, that's because either i hate you or i just don't bother to reply back...this is just my style so, don't take it too personally... other than that, youroushiku onegaishimasu!!
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